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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Exercise 1

Choose the correct answer.

1.  What are the characteristics of spoilt food?

     I    Change of colour
     II   Gives out pleasant smell
     III  Mouldy
     IV  Becomes hard

     A  I and II         C  II and III
     B  I and III        D  III and IV

2.  Which of the following statements is true?

     A  Microorganisms grow well in the surroundings with a temperature above 65° C
     B  Microorganisms does not need water to grow
     C  Microorganisms grow well in warm and damp condition
     D  Microorganisms can live without air

3.  Mrs Chan found out that a piece of meat she bought was spoilt.  How did she know it is spoilt?

    A  It is slimy
    B  It smells nice
    C  It becomes hard
    D  It becomes bloated

4.  Which of the following are true about bacteria?
     X: All bacteria cause diseases
     Y: Bacteria cause food to turn bad
     Z: Bacteria can be destroyed by boiling

     A  X and Y only
     B  X and Z only
     C  Y and Z only
     D  X, Y and Z

5.  Which of the following conditions is not necessary for the growth of bacteria?

     A  Moisture
     B  Temperature at about 20°C
     C  Strong acidic medium
     D  Suitable nutrient

6.  Which of the following food preservation methods will not change the taste of the food?

     A  Pickling
     B  Salting
     C  Canning
     D  Freezing

7.  Diagram below shows two types of food.

     Which of the following methods are suitable to preserve the food shown?

     I    Pickling
     II   Canning
     III  Freezing
     IV  Pasteurising

     A  I and II       C  II and III
     B  I and IV      D  III and IV

8.  Diagram below shows a tin of milk.

     The milk in the tin shown is not safe for consumption because

     A  the tin is dented
     B  the tin is rusty
     C  the tin is broken
     D  the tin is leaking

9.  Diagram below shows a piece of meat.

     Which of the following properties of the meat is not changed by smoking?

     A  Colour
     B  Shape
     C  Taste
     D  Nutritional value

10.  The following are steps involved in the canning process

       W: Air is expelled from the can
       X: The empty can is heated strongly
       Y: Food is filled into the can
       Z: The tin is cooled down

       Which of the following shows the correct sequence of the steps?
       A  W --> X --> Z --> Y
       B  X --> W --> Y --> Z
       C  Y --> Z --> W --> X
       D  Z --> Y --> X --> W


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